What was the need?

“Most of my team understand the science of ageing and frailty but we rarely get the chance to experience what being ‘frail’ actually means on a day to day basis”

MD Supplements Business

What did we do?

  • Took a group of cross-functional Abbott colleagues from different countries to residential care homes in the UK to spend time with elderly residents in their day to day environment.
  • Workshopped observations from the employees that participated into insightful ‘themes of understanding’ that acted as stimulus to the strategic marketing plan.

What was the result?

Some critical insight to inform the subtleties in communication language and how to speak to people with physical constraints “We’ve been using completely the wrong language in our brand development”

“In the seven years I’ve been with this company I can count the number of days I can remember on one hand.  This is one of those days.”

Workshop participant