What was the need?

“We talk a lot about being consumer centric but I want my organisation to walk the talk”

C.E.O. Kenwood UK

What did we do?

  • Created the “Kenwood Consumer Safari” brand.
  • Got 70 employees out cooking meals in the kitchens of 35 different consumers.
  • Equipped them with a focused objective and the ‘interviewing’ skills to get the most out of their interactions.
  • Ran download sessions to turn their 1000’s of observations into tangible themes of understanding and ideas for the business.

What was the result?

  • Generated 30 ideas, with one ‘winner’ being recognised by the leadership team and turned into a funded project.
  • Inspired teams to employ Safari tools on a regular basis across most live business projects.
  • Has been rolled out globally to the wider Delonghi Group.

“This has been an inspirational way to truly put consumers at the heart of our culture”

HR Director