We’ve Broken Through!

OK, we’ll get the bragging out the way up front. Last week we were over the moon to find out we’ve been selected as a finalist in AURA Insight’s BREAKTHROUGH AGENCY category.  It’s an award given to the agencies that have had the biggest impact following their first presentation to the AURA members.  

For those of you that don’t know, AURA is an organisation set up exclusively for client-side insight professionals.  As we are both ex client-side heads of insight ourselves, getting recognised by people who used to be our peers is particularly gratifying. If you’re in a client-side role we’d also highly recommend joining up, it’s a really useful group.

Win or lose we are also excited about the opportunity to rock up to a black tie do sometime in September with other human beings. Although I’m predicting my DJ may be a little tight after 12 months of lockdown lethargy….  I may have to invest in a corset.

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Minimum investment, maximum impact

Beyond simply feeling pleased with ourselves we were also so grateful to see the activity we champion – customer closeness – getting recognised. We have long maintained that what we do isn’t rocket science. It doesn’t cost a lot of money, it isn’t dressed up in hi-tech analytics or behavioural science BUT, if done well, it does have massive IMPACT on organisations.  

It punches well above its weight for the effort and investment you have to put into it.

It has the ability to inspire entire organisations, not just those with marketing or insight in their job titles.  It creates experiences that stick in the minds of your employees and impact their behaviours and decision making for the long term. 

This nomination gives us the confidence that a growing number of organisations are realising that. It’s always good to know you’re not just blathering to yourselves sometimes!

“In the 10 years I’ve been at this organisation I can count on one hand the number of days that have truly inspired me, today is one of those days” 

Our favourite ever healthcare client

With so many awards events dominated by some familiar agency names, it’s great see the little guys get a look in. Don’t get us wrong, those agencies do amazing work, but we can speak from experience that a lot of businesses just don’t have the research budgets to afford them. Customer connection can enable an entire organisation to realise the ambition to be more customer centric for the cost of a couple of focus groups.

So, fingers crossed we have even more to celebrate towards the end of the year.  We’ll be sure to shout about it don’t worry. Just like customer connection, we may be small (and a bit simple?) but we like to make a lot of noise!

Get out, get connected. Get mingling.

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